Writer Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for the AIUM’s official blog. This outlet is designed to cover a broad range of topics that are central to the association’s mission. It is also a forum to discuss, share, and think about issues impacting ultrasound.

While the blog and its content are accessible to anyone, our primary audience are those using, testing, and educating on and about ultrasound’s use. The AIUM does have the following list of guidelines and pointers to help you craft a successful blog, but we understand that each writer has his or her own voice and we aim to preserve that.

  • Be Engaging — The blog is a great opportunity to have some fun or provide a fresh voice and view point to the readers. This is a forum where you can “lighten up” your writing and find your voice. Make it something you’d like to read. Use active voice and avoid jargon whenever possible. We also welcome video blog posts too if you have an interest in that format!
  • Keep It Concise – In general, blog posts range from 500 to 700 words in length. Shorter lengths make it easier for people to read and digest the content, especially online. Keep your paragraphs and sentences short too. Long paragraphs can look daunting and are difficult to scan. Lists are a great way to keep things short, break up the content and make it easy to scan.
  • Have a Point of View — Your post should really have a focus and make a single point. Your post should tell the readers why they should care about what you are writing about.
  • Give Examples, Tell Stories, Use Links – Whenever possible provide short examples and stories to liven up your blog post and add interest. This is so much better than just a bunch of facts. But when you are stating facts or mention a particular resource, do link to credible websites, news stories, etc., within your content to show readers where you are getting information.
  • Encourage Conversation – Give readers something to think about or chime in with by encouraging them to comment on the blog, usually at the end of your post. Provide a few questions or give them a “challenge” to report back on through the comments. Provide your contact information and a short (1-2 sentences) bio on yourself. Link to your social media information too so readers can continue the discussion with you on other platforms.
  • Don’t Be Promotional — The AIUM will not publish blog posts that promote a product or service. Don’t tell the reader that you’re an expert or that you have a great product; rather; show your expertise by writing a relevant, insightful article with keen advice.

After submitting your post to the AIUM, we will reivew the content and if needed, provide suggested edits for your review and approval. We encourage you to submit a visual (JPEG) with the blog post. If none is provided, the AIUM will attempt to find something suitable. Visually help liven up your blog post.

Once the blog is finalized and live, we will promote the post via social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Depending on the post, there may be other cross-promotional opportunities. We encourage you to email and share the post with your network, your employer, and your friends.

Please be aware that the AIUM blog is open to all readers and internet surfers. As such, you may receive comments on your post. We encourage you to visit your blog post on a regular basis and respond as you see appropriate to any accepted comment(s). The AIUM does have a policy on the types of comments it will and will not accept. The comment policy is located here.

If you would like to submit an entry, please email membership@aium.org.

The Scan is located at https://aiumthescan.blog/.